What can i ship?

We support all palletised and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

Why choose a freight forwarder?

To some, logistics and freight forwarding companies are unnecessary costs but when you weigh in the advantages and benefits, you will be able to see that freight forwarders help a lot in the efficient and effective distribution of your cargoes because it helps you concentrate in improving your primary activities such as marketing, sales, and operations enabling you to eliminate wasteful practices from investing in secondary activities which you can outsource to freight forwarders who are more experienced and skilled in this activity and later on lead you to benefits such as but not limited to.

How is our services different from others?

United Cargo & Logistics Corporation operates on a multi-service provider set up which provides more flexibility in schedules and services.

How can i track my order instantly?

navigate to our navigation section. Click on 'track your order'. Place your tracing id. click on 'Track & Trace'.

How can i request a freight?

head over to our contact section and consult our experts to get a quote

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